What’s it Like to Be An Azhar Student

I haven’t blogged in so long. Agh I feel so bad right now :/

Anyways, here’s the reason: EXAMS :/

So, I just finished exams yesterday and we have a six-day vacation which I’m trying to make the most of. So I decided to write this blog about what’s it like to be a student at my school.

Here are some random things that make Azhar different:

  1. School starts at 7:30 AM
  2. We don’t go to school on Thursdays and Fridays
  3. This year, we have 16 classes (6 of which are Islamic)
  4. You have to study. A lot. Because we have so many classes and we’ll.. its grade eleven
  5. Students with averages above 17/20 don’t do final exams, which is great since no one really feels like studying in June, so it’s a nice reward for the hardworking ones, and since:
  6. Our first, second and final term exams are each for two whole weeks (=two weeks of not seeing the sun)
  7. We have a very strict uniform, you buy a julbab and a hijab from school. Colored shoes are not allowed (Gray and brown are considered so, too)
  8. There are no clubs, no activities.. nothing like that. At all. Not even sports or arts classes


Pros & Cons:

(Please do note that everything I will mention is what I personally think about Azhar. It is not necessarily true all the time around here, and it is not necessarily what everyone thinks about my school. This post is about are my thoughts on my school after spending two years in it.)


  • Azhar is not only a school, so you get to meet many fascinating people, including many university students that come to Azhar to learn Sharia from different countries, many Islamic scholars (Al Nabulsi, Zaglool Al Najjar…), lecturers, students and teachers..
  • You definitely have the feeling that you belong to a great great Islamic institute, and the Azhar family is a very nice family to belong to
  • The beautiful calligraphy that is EVERYWHERE! (ex: This huge wall outside the boys’ building)

وقل ربي زدني علماً


  • One thing that annoys me here at Azhar is that teachers may speak impolitely with students and the administration wouldn’t really give the issue any attention. It becomes an issue after repetition 😐
  • Also, I always have the feeling that teachers, especially sheiks, expect us to follow what they say even if it’s wrong, even if we don’t believe in it at all, and if you disagree with an idea a teacher says, you are, with most teachers, considered impolite
  • Many teachers at Azhar probably consider this post impolite 😐
  • There is a coordinator for most classes and subjects. Yes. But every teacher teaches what he thinks should be taught. So, for example,
  • Most of the teachers are men. Between the 16 classes I had this year, 2 were given by women

What’s your school like?




  1. wormalblog · January 2, 2017

    16 classes?!?! Wow, that’s hectic. Good luck haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emotionsoflife2016 · December 28, 2016

    Wish I had school

    Liked by 1 person

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