Welcome to Life Musings!


I am Sena, which means “radiantly shining” in arabic. I like to draw, read, take photographs, and sometimes write. I doodle during my classes and read novels in the university cafeteria.
I am obsessed with concepts and backstories: photographs that reveal emotion, drawings that send messages, buildings based on concepts, videos that tell stories… The list goes on and on.
I like to think I will travel the world and live an unconventional life someday. I’d be devastated if I did not.


I’m Leen. I love writing, reading, photography, Ancient Greece, history, law, chocolate, Nike—Okay, I’ll stop. I have a bucket-list that goes on forever. I’m currently learning French. I’m also trying to overcome Ailurophobia (fear of cats). I want to become a lawyer, an educator, an archeologist, a writer, an activist, a photographer… (Hmm, is that possible?)
Oh, and I’m addicted to tea.

We started Life Musings because we both miss blogging (we ran separate blogs previously), and think it’s a pretty great idea to run a blog together. We wish to share our drawings, reviews, photos, opinions, and experiences.

We’d love to hear back from you via comments (below)!

(Unlike Leen, Sena likes cats).


One comment

  1. Ellen Hawley · October 14, 2016

    In my opinion, you can be any of those things and still be a writer and an activist. And probably a photographer. The question is, can you be a writer and not love cats? It may be possible, but I’m just not sure.


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